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Additional information about materials and construction of many of these pieces is available in posts on my blog.   My blog is linked to this web site or can be reached on the internet at: Apatchablue Studio.  Sales tax and shipping are not included in the listed price.

Ed's Unique Vessels                           


Size: 18"h x 14"w x 7"d

Material:  Strips of Fir wood,  hand shaped metal attachments

Price:  $ 1,495.00 or best offer


Size:  36"h x 22"w x 17"d

Material:  Desert Lavender sticks and segments, cast resin central disk ( purple), woven copper wire in top.

Price: $ 3,850.00 or best offer



Size:  18"h x 12"w x 6"d

Material:  Saguaro rib shape and segments, cast resin base and attachments

Price:  $1,700.00 or best offer


Size:  22"h x 7"w x 6"d

Material:  Catclaw branch section and segments on base of cup, mesquite base, top rim and sections on cup

Price:  Sold


Size:  26"h x 15"w x 6"d

Materials:  Fiberglass shell, Pistachio nut wood segments,  cast resin tops

Price:  $2,250.00 or best offer


Size:  25"h x 18" diameter

        Materials:  Palo Verde wood segments, solid Palo Verde wood in top section

Price:  $2,250.00 or best offer       


Size:  51"h x 49'w x 6"d

Materials:  Sycamore puzzle shaped wood pieces applied to center of piece, solid pieces used at top opening and as a base, Arizona Walnut wood tile in a mosaic pattern covers remaining surface.

Price:  $7,750.00 or best offer


Size:  16"h x 12"w x 6"d

Materials:  Section of Saguaro arm structure, cast resin spout, bottom and top, copper strap and cast resin used in the handle

Price:  $1,500.00 or best offer


Size:  51"h x31" diameter

Materials:  Cross sectional slices of Cholla cactus interior wood structure, laminated over fiberglass shell

Price:  $8,250.00 or best offer


Size:  36"h x 12"w x 12"d

Materials:  Segments of the Mexican Bird of Paradise bush laminated over a fiberglass shell, cast resin base and top opening.  This piece was built as the model for my book "Unique Vessels: How do you make these things?"  This book is linked from this web site to Amazon for further information.

Price:  $3,850.00 or best offer



Size:  18"h x 12"w x 12"d

Materials:  Mormontea wood segments laminated over the surface of the vessel with solid mormontea branch used for handle and spout, leaf-needles used under handle, copper tube used in center of spout

Price:  Sold


Size:  93"h x 14"w x 14"d

Materials:  Tamarisk segments are laminated over a veneer and fiberglass form, solid Tamarisk wood sections are used for the top and base

Price:  $9,250.00 or best offer





Size:  5 1/2"h x 7 1/2"w x 6"d

Materials:  Segments of Desert Lavender canes are laminated over the entire surface of the piece except where the cast resin handle and spout are attached, the lid is also constructed of cast resin pieces

Price:  $2,750.00 or best offer 


Size:  8"h x 25"w x 21"d

Materials:  Oak segments laminated over fiberglass shell;  Brass tubes were embedded in top surface to hold decorative arraignments.

Price:  $975.00 or best offer 


Size:  35"h x 16" at max. diameter

Material:  Thin cross-sections of Creosote bush limbs were laminated over the fiberglass shell.  Upright sections of limbs form neck at top.

Price:  $2,500,00 or best offer



Size:  44"h x 24"w x 8"d

Material:  Lilac wood segments are attached to the fiberglass shell.  Copper strips line the top opening and outline the mid-section design.

Price:  N F S 


Size:  8" dia x 12"w

Material:  Limb segments from the Manzanita shrub were laminated over the fiberglass shell.  Pieces developed from larger limbs ring the opening.

Price:  N F S 


Size:  16"h x 13" dia.

Material:  Manzanita limb segments were adhered to the fiberglass shell.  The top opening is ringed with with sections of larger limbs.

Price:  N F S 


Size:  10"h x 12" dia.

Materials: Cross-sections of Rose bush canes were laminated over the fiberglass shell.  The inside was finished with a coat of resin over petroglyphic drawings that had been added.  A base constructed of metal and wood holds the rose bowl.

Price:  $895.00 or best offer



Size:  24"h x 23" dia.

Materials:  Eucalyptus branch segments were laminated over a fiberglass shell leaving open space for blue pottery chards.  After the wood surface was finished. the chards were set and grouted.

Price:  N F S 


Size:  29"h x 19"w x 7"d

Material:  Sections of Oleander wood were laminated over a fiberglass shell.  Base and top trim around opening are solid Oleander wood.

Price:  N F S 


Size:  20"h x 34" at largest dia. 

Materials:  Sumac sections were laminated over a fiberglass shell.  An Oak ring circles the top opening.

Price:  $2,500.00 or best offer 


Size:  52"h x 30" at largest dia.

Materials:  Cubes of Mesquite wood were laminated over a fiberglass shell.  Solid sections of Mesquite wood were added to form top and  bottom shapes.

Price:  $4,750.00 or best offer 


Size:  67"h x 14" at largest dia.

Materials:  Saguaro ribs shaped over fiberglass shell and attached.  Brass rings affixed to top and bottom.  Both ends are open.

Price:  $2,875.00 or best offer 


Size:  22"h x 46"w x 51"d

Materials:   Limb segments from the Black Locust tree were laminated on the side surface and boards of the same wood covered the top.  The fiberglass shell was formed over stretched canvas.  A steel ring circles the base and the opening in the top is fitted with a welded steel insert.

Price:  $3,850.00 or best offer



Size:  51"h x 26"w x 17"d

Materials:  Soaptree Yucca flower stalk segments were laminated on the larger surfaces of the fiberglass shell.  Lengths of these stalks are attached to the narrower sides of this piece giving the impression of the entire vessel is a stack of sticks.  Cast resin form top and bottom.

Price:  $3,150.00 or best offer 


Size:  60"h x 33"dia.

Materials:  Sections of saguaro ribs and rib structure at arm junction have been laminated over a fiberglass shell.  Upright rib pieces surrounded by a surface of laminated rib segments forms the top.

Price:  $3,850.00 or best offer 


Size:38"h x 28" dia.

Materials:  Segments of cottonwood limbs are attached to the fiberglass shell.  Spaces are left open where clear resin tiles containing a variety of insects and flower blooms are inserted.  A solid ring of cottonwood finishes the opening.

Price:  N F S 


Size:  74"h x 18" at largest dia.

Materials:  Ocotillo sticks were shaped and attached to a fiberglass shell.  Top and bottom were capped with Birch disks.  Small Ocotillo segments were attached to the fiberglass shell between sticks.

Price:  $3,550.00 or best offer 


Size:  23"h x 7.5"w x 6"d

Materials:  Grapefruit wood segments were laminated over fiberglass shell leaving space for 1/8" copper tubing segments to form a path around the piece in an undulating pattern.  A metal stand and top opening bezel complete the piece.

Price:  N F S 


Size:  20"h x 7" dia. 

Materials:  Apple wood is used for all parts of this piece.  The decorative pieces un either side were created when fire burned out the heart wood of the tree.  Top and bottom pieces were turned from larger pieces of wood.

Price:  N F S 


Size:  32"h x 18"w x 6"d

Materials:  Segments from small Saguaro ribs were attached to a fiberglass shell.  Leather fins were added as well as cast resin eyes.

Price: N F S 


Size:  24" sphere, 3"h x 10" dia. top, 5"h x 12"dia. base.

Materials:  A mosaic of Saguaro pieces were attached to the fiberglass shell.  Red pebbles were added in a band around the equator and the resin fill between pieces varied in color from white at the top and bottom through blue, yellow  to red at the center.

Price:  $875.00 or best offer 


Size:  20"h x 10"w x 8"d

Materials:  A base, top and side disks of Grapefruit wood were attached to the fiberglass shell.  A mosaic of Mahogany pieces were then fit around the remaining shell surface and attached.

Price:  $1,950.00 or best offer 


Size:  15"h  x 8" dia.

Materials:   Cast resin disks were attached in a random pattern to fiberglass shell.  Hardwood cubes were then laminated around disks. Top and bottom pieces turned from birch wood were then added.

Price:  N F S