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The following art pieces are in the E/P series which uses an empty container as the core and has been shaped around it to produce what promises to be a unique vessel.  The first example shown was the first piece developed in this series, and a detail step-by-step plan is included in my book, "Unique Vessels: How do you make these things?" found on the home page of this web site.  Detailed construction information about other E/P pieces can also be found in posts in my Blog, "Apatchablue Studio"


Empty Container and Construction Phases

     Finished E/P Piece


E/P- I

Size:  19 3/4"h x 8"dia

Material:  Manzanita segments adhered to fiberglass surface,  top shaped from solid manzanita wood, wine bottle and Styrofoam.

Price:  $875.00 or best offer


Size:  9"h x 5 1/2"w x 5 1/2"d

Material:  Start with nut jar, grape vine sections centered on each face, small segments of Manzanita wood attached to remaining surface, top section of cast resin.

Price:  $825.00 or best offer


Size: 19"h x 8" dia.Materials:  Alternating rings of Birch and Walnut wood were stacked over the water bottle and glued together.  This glued unit was turned on the lath when the glue had dried.

Price: $850.00 or best offer



Size: 20"h x 4.5",  26"h x 5" Materials:  different size gin bottles, veneer box covers lower surface and Styrofoam cone shaped on top, sage pieces and mahogany strips

Price $875.00 small; $975.00 large, $1,600.00 for both or best offer 


Size: 13 x 6 1/2 dia. and 11 x 5 dia.

Materials: Large and small tonic water bottles, red cedar, resin

Price:  $580.00 each or best offer


Size:  14"h x 7"w per side

Materials: Vinegar bottle, triangular wood box, maple bricks and corner strips, cast resin top and half spheres.

Price:  $950,00 or best offer