I am an artist who creates unique laminated vessels using desert woods and related materials. These pieces vary in size from a tabletop vessel to large creations that tower.  They have appeared in exhibits throughout the nation and are found in numerous collections. This process can be used to create vessels from a wide variety of materials.  A modified production process baring the title, “Empty/Promise”, is being used to create new art pieces, emphasizing environmental awareness and emerge with the E/P designation.  They use an Empty container as the core of the art piece that Promises to evolve into a unique vessel.  In collaboration with my wife and artist, JoAnn L. Hill, desert materials are also being incorporated into wall pieces labeled "Desert Tapestry". Size of these pieces varies greatly to fit the proportions of the planned placement.  I have published a book that details the construction of my work with numerous photos, charts and technical information.  I am also working on my autobiography titled “Growing Up In The Country”.

I am an artist turned writer. Writing is something I have enjoyed a good part of my life, but not seriously enough to give it my first priority. Painting and sculpture was the path I followed. I hold a BA, BFA and MA in College Curriculum Art, and taught water color and oil painting for a great many years in adult classes and the university setting. My paintings have been accepted in many exhibits throughout the country. But...in the last five years, I have devoted my time to writing, and I've loved it. It is a creative endeavor. I found bringing characters to life most satisfying, even more than bringing them to a canvas. There are multiple characters to be developed in a book. People you have given life in your mind, and want others to know them too. I would be pleased to have you as a reader meet my many new friends. Good people? Not necessarily so.