This gallery contains three dimensional art work, using various materials.  Some of the pieces are the result of collaborative effort on the part of both artists.  A price has been indicated on those pieces available for sale, but doesn't include tax if required or shipping cost.  If there are questions or comments, we can  be reached with an e-mail by clicking on the word, contact,  found under our photographs on the web home page.

Enjoy! JoAnn L. Hill & Edwin K. Hill


                      Art Piece                                                                      Information


Colored resin poured into a foil mold was worked to the shape of fetus.  This was then cast into a larger resin shape and worked to a smooth finish.  The bronze attachment was sculpted in wax, invested in luta and when this mold was dry, the wax was melted out.  Molten bronze was poured into this mold and when cool the shape you see emerged and was smoothed to a fine finish.

Size:  5 1/4"h x 5 3/4"w x 3 1/2"d

                                         Price:  $1,200.00                                     


This piece represents a tropical South American native woman.  Her name is derived from a perfume that is prepared from the flower of the apocynaceous tree.  She is  cast of different colored resin and her hair is made of many strands of fine copper wire, imbedded in the resin.  She wares a copper necklace, low on her long slender neck where it meets the base.

Size:  16"h x 10"w x 10"d

Price:  $2,450.00

ROCK  DANCERS  by J. L. Hill

A wax model was sculpted and invested in a mold material (luta).  When dry the wax was burned out in a kiln.  Various colors of resin were used to fill the mold and when cured the mold was removes and the casting cleaned and finished.  This is the typical "lost wax" method of making many of the resin pieces displayed in this gallery. 

Size:  20"h x 6"w x 6"d

Price:  N F S


HUMAN BEAN  by E. K. Hill

This piece was produced with the lost wax process and the color of resin varied as it was poured in at the top.  Small, bean shaped pieces of resin were created in a variety of colors and added to the mold as it was filled with resin.  A bronze base was added to complete the piece

Size:  20"h x 5"w x 5"d

Price:  N F S



The lost wax method produced the mold used to cast this bronze piece.  The black resin base was cast to transition to the stone.  Small, yellow resin eggs were cast and incorporated in the bronze.  On close inspection these can be seen.

  Size:  8"h x 5"w x 5"d

Price:  $650.00

BRICK BATS  by E. K. Hill

What you see is a sandblasted carving from one and a half bricks.  The resin eyes were added to give life to the lifeless brick.

Size:  11"h x 11"w x 3"d 

Price:  $600.00

LOOPS  by J. L. Hill

A lost wax mold was filled with crushed glass and resin, transiting from black on the bottom to clear on top.  The smoothing of the piece when taken from the mold was particularly labor4 intensive because of the embedded glass.  The dark stone base complements the black resin.

Size:  11' x 12" x 7"

Price:  $1,500.00


The egg was developed over a Plaster of Paris egg, made as described in one of my recent posts.  If you haven't made egg shapes by this method I invite you to click on my blog on the home page of this web site and look for the post, "Have you ever made an egg?"  It's easy to do and a lot of fun.  The egg should have been fiber glassed before the wood segments were attached.  This would have minimized some of the cracking that occurred over the years.  the wood base was sculpted to fit the egg and lined with wool.

Size:  11"h x 18"w x 15"d

Price:  $625.00

FULL MOON RISING  by E. K. & J. L. Hill

This collaborative piece is one in a series we have called "wood tapestry".  JoAnn worked out the design and color schema and Edwin fabricated the pieces of wood and assembled them.

 Size:  24"h x 24'w x 1"d

           Price:  $1,800.00        

LOW TECH  by E. K. Hill

 The lost wax method was used to cast this bronze face leaving a hollow interior and a portion of the left skull missing.  The interior cavity was then filled with old electronic parts and clear resin was poured to finish out the left side of the skull.  the bronze acquired a natural patina.

Size:  13"h  x 8"w x 8"d

Price  N F S

DESERT SHADOWS  by J. L. & E. K. Hill

This collaborative. wood tapestry piece uses irregular shaped Elm segments, lengths of Saguaro ribs. and a variety of large and small slices of Cholla.  Color and design was JoAnn's contribution while Edwin shaped and assembled the piece.

Size:  48"h x 36"w

Price:  $1,200.00


After developing the mold, the infrastructure was cast in bronze which consisted of the base and upright panels which created four angular spaces.  A wax model of the head was then developed over this bronze structure.  The lost wax process resulted in a second mold with four compartments, which were filled with different colored resin to depict the various races in the U.S.A.

Size:  10"h x 7"w x 5"d

Price:  N F S

BIRTHDAY HORSE  by J. L. & E. K. Hill

This collaborative piece was a fun, labor of love for our youngest granddaughter at the time.  The plan for this horse and a number of other models are published by a British craftsman who specializes in creating horses for the royalty.  For more detail read my post on this piece in my blog, Apatchablue Studio.  We shopped all over town for the Birch wood, real horse hair. glass eyes and leather.  The swinging structure was only available in the UK so substitute metal parts were made.

Size:  48"h x 61"w x 18"d

Price:  N F S



A free form sculpture of a man and pregnant woman recognizes the increase in mixed marriages in America today.  Carved wood on stone base

Size:  6"h x 19"w x 13.5"d

Price:  $500.00

TURTLE POP-OUT  by J. L. & E. K. Hill

This out-door art was done on our N. First Ave. home when the metal lath had been placed and before the stucco went on.  JoAnn laid out the pieces on one inch insulation board and we attached them to the wall.  Metal lath was placed over the pop-out pieces so that when the stucco went on they were an integral part of the wall.  After the stucco had been painted JoAnn attached the tile, to form the design on the shell.

Size:  8'h x 6'w

Price:  N F S


Slices of Cholla with various color resin centers were cast in a clear resin panel.  This was incorporated into the wood frame of this wall light.

Size:  18"h x 10"w 4"dT%his

Price:  N F S

FROG POP-OUT  by J. L. & E. K. Hill

 This pop-out art piece was also installed on the outside of a wall at our First Ave. N home.  JoAnn designed this piece and when enlarged many times it was laid out on 1" insulation board.  The many pieces were attached to the wall and covered with metal lath.  When the wall was covered with  stucco the frog became an integral part of it.  After the wall was painted JoAnn painted the frog white and highlighted areas.

Size:  13' x 13' area

Price:  N F S


This resin piece developed from a mold created by the lost wax method.  The over all shape of this piece suggests the head of a nun, dressed in habit.  Successive pours of different color resin was intended to give the sensation of a twisting motion.  An eerie colored form seems to float in the transparent upper reaches of the head.  All of this comes from the name of a rock band.

Size:  13"h x 5"w x 6"d

Price:  $875.00

GIRAFFE BANK by J. L. & E. K. Hill

This giraffe bank was a wood working project from plans published in a magazine that went to one of our grandsons.  We hope to eventually give each of our grand and great grand children a hand made item like this but with our family expanding rapidly that may be a lofty goal that will be hard to achieve.  I cut the pieces and assembled them, then JoAnn painted the finished giraffe.

                                                              Size:  15"h x 9"w x 4"d                                  

Price:  N F S


We were interested in an art proposal close to home and in order to show what we could do with a burned out apple tree I prepared this sample.  There is more detail and pictures about this art venture in my post of April 1, 2013 on my blog: Apatchablue Studio.  This sample shows how the exterior of a tree limb could be fitted with apple wood chips to preserve it's shape and give texture.


Size:  12"h x 8"dia.

Price:  N F S

ARTISTIC DOORS #1  by J. L. & E. K. Hill

This shows a commission job we completed for a party here in Tucson.  We were active in the custom made door business under the slogan "Doors That Will Open Your Eyes".  We accepted      commission jobs but a significant number of the doors we built were for the three homes we designed and had built in the Tucson area.  Some of these artistic doors will be included in this Gallery.  This double door entry pair displays a variety of native wood patterns

Size:  6' 8"h x 30"w(each)

Price:  N F S

ARTISTIC DOORS #2 by J. L. & E. K. Hill

This commissioned door, completed for a party living in the Oro Valley area, is titled Warrior II.  The design is quite similar to a door with the same name we built for our home on First Ave. N. in Oro Valley.  The colors used vary to match the scheme of the clients home.

Size: 6'8"h x 32"w


     Price: N F S

ARTISTIC DOORS #3  J. L. & E. K. Hill

 This pantry door has Saguaro ribs set in top and bottom sections to allow air to pass through.  The other two sections on either side of center have resin filled Cholla segments mounted in opaque resin.  When the light is left on in the pantry these sections become an attractive feature of the door.  This also serves as a reminder to shut the light off.

Size:  6'8"h x 26"w

Price: N F S


JoAnn designed and carved a variety of figures into white tile that were mounted in the kitchen and laundry room back splash.  The next photo shows this installation in our Pusch Ridge home.

Size:  4" x4"

Price:  N F S


The treatment of the doors on cupboards and cabinets in the Pusch Ridge home is shown in this photo of the laundry room.  We made all cabinets and door for our home in furniture classes at   the CAC community college at Aravaipa.  JoAnn mixed the unique blue water strain used on all exposed surfaces.

Size:  varies

Price:  N F S


   Various colored resin was poured into a lost wax mold and as the mold filled, pre-constructed resin butterflies were inserted.  The copper tubing and plate are secured to the stone base.  The theme of butterflies in the stomach is coupled with the title, Anticipation.

Size:  12"h x 8" x 8"d

Price:  $1,250.00


LIZARD POP-OUT by J. L. & E. K. Hill

Pop-outs are formed by securing layers of insulation foamboard over the metal lath before the stucco is applied.  JoAnn designed this stylistic lizard which was then enlarged and cut out of the foamboard.  Each piece is covered with metal lath and wired to the original layer of lath on the wall.  When the stucco is applied the design becomes an integral part of the wall.

Size:  8'h x 6'w

                                                                                                                                                                                          Price: N F S


This piece was sculpted in wax and then the network of wood pieces were pressed into the wax,  leaving enough wood protruding to anchor in the plaster cast spread over the piece.  The wax was melted out  and colored resin replaced it in many small pours.  A hollow resin surface was created by turning and tilting the mold slightly with each small pour.  After the plaster mold was ground away the wood was smoothed with the resin surface and finishing began.  It isn't clear on this photo but a few openings in the in the wood pattern penetrate the resin shell into the hollow interior.  This was achieved by removing wax from these spots which allowed plaster to block resin

              Size: 13"h x 9"w x 7"d                  

Price: N F S

WHITE EXHIBIT #1 by J. L. Hill

When JoAnn finished her Masters Degree in Art at Eastern Washington University she was expected to create an exhibit on campus.  The theme she chose was an all white show with shadows cast from pieces like this. This and a second piece shown later in this gallery were constructed of soft wood and when shaped and smoothed, covered with many coats of white shellac.  More details are available in a post "Memories of an Art Exhibit" on my blog:  Apatchablue  Studio

 Size:  30"h x 18"w x 8"d

Price:  $575.00

CONGESTION by A. L. & E. K. Hill

This is a collaboration piece and no, that isn't a typo.  The A. L. stands for Amy  Louise, Edwin's daughter.  While in college Amy sketched this congested scene of bodies and her dad asked if he could use it for a high relief carving.  She agreed and this is the result in walnut.  During down sizing of our art work and business in the last few years this piece was given to Amy who now resides in East Wenatchee, Washington.     

Size:  26"h x 18"w x 3/4"d

Price: N F S


This figure was carved from Ginkgo wood.  Fossils showing the imprint of the distinctive Ginkgo leaf shape serve as evidence that this tree has been around a long time and can still be purchased at nurseries.  The wood is light colored but takes on a good stain as evidenced here.

Size: 3.5"h x 14"w x 7"d

Price: N F S

UNIQUE DOOR #1 by J. L. & E. K. Hill

              This door was constructed for our home at Pusch Ridge.  The inner panel was made of 3/4" fir boards fitted with a 1/8" masonite spline.  The central spline is wide enough to be used as a decorative pattern.  Other pieces of decorative material have been added to this masonite surface to complement the design.  A blue stain wash is used.

Size:  6'8"h x 32"w

Price: N F S


       This is our front door at the Alta Vista home.  It incorporates native wood in its design as well as a stain glass panel at the top.  It uses a heavy wood and metal pull handle, sculpted to fit the design of the door.  We have been told that in Europe the status of the family is judged by their entry decor.  Even though our decor is home made we are proud of it.

Size: 4' x 8'

Price: N F S

UNIQUE DOOR #2 by J. L. & E. K. Hill

This is a second door built for our home at Pusch Ridge and it uses the same spline technique to join the boards in the center section. The central design varies somewhat as does the color scheme except for the blue wash.

Size:  6'8"h x 36"w

Price: N F S

UNIQUE DOOR#3 by J. L. & E. K. Hill

The third Pusch Ridge door varies slightly from the first two in that the design is on the left side of the door and the wood is finished in a brown tone.  I enjoy the decoration on this door.  The snake was cut from a 3/4" board and shaped round like a real snake.  Note how the cut to expose the spline follows the curves of the snakes body.  On all three doors built this way there is s mirror image of the design on the other side of the door.

Size:  6'8"h  x 32"w

Price: N F S

A. C. GATE by E. K. Hill

I have enjoyed building a variety of gates for our homes.  They have required cutting and welding of metal as well as a variety of woodwork.  This gate at Pusch Ridge is in the air conditioning equipment enclosure.  In addition to sound control, the enclosure hides the equipment, plumbing and wiring.  The decorative row of Saguaro ribs will also dampen the sound of the equipment.   

Size:  5'h x 32"w

Price: N F S

UNIQUE DOOR # 4 by J. L. & E. K. Hill

  This Alta Vista door has the same construction as previous door for this home.  The decoration on the exposed spline varies in color and shape however but the blue stain is consistant.

Size:  6'8"h  x 30"d

Price:  N F S


We chose to fabricate double doors for our front entry.  The Saguaro ribs developed a subtle pattern that fit the mood of the home.  They were finished with the wash of blue stain used throughout the home.  The interior walls were a soft white that turned to a faint purple in the shadow areas.

Size:  8'h x  ( 2 ) 32"w

Price: N F S


   The pantry kept cool and fresh as air circulated through the Saguaro rib door in our Alta Vista home.  Notice the traditional blue stain on this door.  This was a feature that tied all doors together in the home.

Size:  6'8"h x 26"w

Price:  N F S



This hanging lamp shade was shaped over an exercise ball.  Fiberglass cloth was laid over the ball and a metal ring was slid down as far as it would go.  Cholla slices filled with colored resin were attached to the fiberglass surface and a white filler resin was used as grout between them.  Electrical attachments were added and let there be light.

Size:  7"h x 20" diameter

Price:  N F S


Foot traffic to the back yard was through the small gate on the left while access for larger equipment was possible by opening both gates.  The sun pattern in the small gate is made from sheet copper and expanded metal shaped to represent a range of mountains run across the bottom of both gates.  This provides a deterrent to small animals. Saguaro rib sections hang free-swinging from the top rail of the gate between each upright rod.  Their length is adjusted to correspond to the top of the expanded metal section.

Size:  4'h x 4'w + 8'w

                                             Price:  N F S                                          


The Pisch Ridge home needed ground lights because of the many steps.  This is one of several made from rusty pipe.  Cuts around the pipe, made with a gas cutting torch, let light out to bath the area in a most interesting way.  Cuts were also made in the top plate so area foliage was lit with a soft glow as well. A disk of thin plastic placed under the top cap kept most of the rain off the light bulb.

       size:  13"h x 10" dia.

Price: N F S


This hanging light shade was made much the same way as the earlier one discussed with a few exceptions.  The fringe of Saguaro rib segments were added with some additional steel decorations and the lamp shade was hung by three chains combining into one.  The extra weight prompted this suspension method.

Size:  12"h x 20" dia.

Price:  N F S


The bronze base of this vessel was sculpted in wax, invested in mold material and then burned out.  The molten bronze was poured into this mold and when cooled and retrieved from the mold a wax model of the vessel was developed over the bronze.  This was invested inside and out so when the wax was melted out and resin poured poured in the thin walled vessel was developed.  The central core had to be removed bit by bit.

Size:  5"h x 5"w x 4"d

Price:  $1,200.00 

BOB by E. K. Hill

This mask always reminded me of some one.  Finally it came to me.  This was a caricature of Robert Mitchum.  That is where the title "Bob" came from.  The face was sculpted in clay on a flat board.  It was covered with plaster and when set and dry the clay was removed.  A mixture of iron filings, spent steel wool pads and resin was pressed into the mold.  The piece looked rough so was left that way and it soon started to rust out in the elements.

Size:  8"h x 6"w x 3"d

Price:  $175.00


One of the galleries we show work in, Tohono Chul, asks their artists to create an original ornament each year.  These ornaments are displayed during the gala Christmas celebrations.  The public can then buy them on a first come basis.  It gives the artist a chance to show off and the public eagerly flock into the display area to get their name on one of the originals.  The money helps special programs at the gallery.  These pieces are resin and wood.

Size:1.5"h x .75" dia

Price:  N F S

VOLCANO by J. L. & E. K. Hill

When JoAnn finished her Masters degree in art a Eastern Washington University she was required to present an exhibit of her work.  She chose to put together an all white show with wood sculptures painted white and their shadow projected on white screens.  One feature was this volcano with inner light.  Much more detail is given in my recent post titled "Memories of an Art Exhibit".  It is found in my blog at a Apatchablue Studio. 

Size:  20"h x 16"dia.

Price:  $1,450.00

WHITE EXHIBIT #2 by J. L. Hill

As explained earlier, JoAnn created an all white show as a requirement of finishing a Masters in Art degree.  This is the second of a number of white wood sculptures she produced.  I refer you again to my post, "Memories of an Art Exhibition", found in my blog at Apatchablue Studio. for more detail of the action behind the scenes.  

Size:  45"h x 15"w x 11"d

Price:  $575.00


Our home on First Avenue North was the last house we designed and furnished the special details and landscaping.  This front door represents the detail work we did and in future web development a series of interior doors that we created will be presented.  They differ substantially from our door work shown previously.  All the iron work on this door was produced in our shop.  Note JoAnn's hallmark blue-purple stain . 

Size:  4' x 8'

Price:  N F S

INNER FACE by E. K. Hill

This project didn't turn out the way planned.  I wanted to portray four generations in one piece but it is a struggle to discern three in this photo.  I still have hopes a lighting strategy can be developed to realize my goal.  The baby head is the brown image at center. The red image is that of a young boy and the mans image in blue is not well defined.  Of course the old guy is on the outside and his wrinkles are part of the problem in transmitting the last image.

Size:  20"h x 10"w x 12"d

Price:  $2,000,00